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Mark Warner for President in 2008

I like to extend my Congradulations to Virgina's new Governor Elect Tim Kaine & present Governor Mark Warner for helping Virginia get back to back Democrat Governor seats for the 1st time in a long time. Helping Kaine win the election is a smidge of the acomplishments of Mark Warner, & while having a 75% aproval rating in a state that is prodimately Republican, he has turned Virgina's 6 Billion Dollars in Dept from when he took office & tured it into a Surplus. He has used a stradegy of appealing to Southern/& Rural Voters - something that would help in the National Election. so for anyone that would like to help me in supporting Mark Warner For President in 2008, if he runs, Vote For Him In The Primaries. - http://www.draftmarkwarner.com/

I'm not alienating any other Democratic Canadiates for President in 2008, but for those that would like to see Mark Warner run & win, I just want to make sure that they can support him.
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